Watch Me!

Collaboration with Hideyuki Ando


In virtually every city around the world, you will find that “people’s behavior in public spaces” varies considerably from region to region. This is because cultural and social rules vary from culture to culture.
So how do people react when something unusual happens in a public place? I felt that the movement of people’s “eyes” might be the best indicator of their reaction. Do they try to ignore the extraordinary events that happen right in front of them? Do they look at it with great interest? Do they look around nervously? By examining at the behavior of the eyes of passersby, we will be able to understand the social behavior of people in different regions.
This work is an experimental project to visualize the social behavior of different people by intervening in a public space. Using the exaggeratedmovement of a robotic bear as an extraordinary event, we observed the various behaviors of people’s “eyes.” The areas shot so far include Shibuya, Sugamo, Namba, Mirogi (Kenya), Chinatown (New York), and Venice Beach (Los Angeles). The project was finally exhibited as an installation.



3 channel video installation, HD, 15 min
Robot Teddy Bear

Project Direction: Yasushi Noguchi, Hideyuki Ando
Software Development: Hideyuki Ando, Yasushi Noguchi
Installation / Editor: Yasushi Noguchi
Director of Photography: Hiroaki Nagashima
Assistant: Yoko Uchino
Kaori Narita, Takafumi Shimatani, Mari Takahashi, Yasuko Tsukamoto
Commissioned by: Japan Science and Technology Agency