Tokyo Air Raids Oral History Map

Collaboration with Tadahito Yamamoto and Ai Saotome


This work is a digital archive that allows you to view interview footage of the Tokyo Air Raid victims while superimposing it on an eight-layer map showing the transformation of the urban space of Tokyo. By utilizing the digital map software called c-loc that I developed, viewers can move through the time and space of Tokyo from the beginning of the 20th century to the present, and experience the war damage first-hand.
Now that the number of people who actually experienced World War II is declining, the war is about to become part of a historical record, not a living memory. To overcome this critical situation, this work was created in collaboration with museum researchers and video and digital media experts as an attempt to connect the past to the present.



Interactive Installation, Custom Software written in Objective-C

Project Direction: Tadahito Yamamoto
Interview Video: Ai Saotome, Shinji Teruya
Digital Media & Software: Yasushi Noguchi, Jun Masuda
Acknowledgement: Seiji Ishibashi, Yutaka Kimura, Osamu Sugita, Yukiko Nakajo, Masahiko Yamanobe
The Center of the Tokyo Raids and War Damage and The Great Tokyo Air Raids Testimony Video Project
Base Map
Topographic Map of 1 : 25,000 produced by Geospatial Information Authority of Japan
This research is supported by the Toyota Foundation

c-loc Software Development: Yasushi Noguchi, Jun Masudaz
This work is supported by the Japan Science and Technology Agency

Document Video: Hideto Miyuki, Yasushi Noguchi