Receipt Project

Collaboration with Kazz Sasaguchi


This project is a participatory art project and also a sociological study utilizing data visualization.
Viewers participate in the project by donating their own receipts. Each receipt is collected, and my team spatiotemporally maps them one by one based on geographic and chronological information to create an installation built entirely of receipts. The installation will continue to grow during the exhibition period.
In addition, the information on the receipts is visualized as 3D graphics by a data visualization method, revealing the activities of participants, trends in purchase history, distribution of profits to shareholders, etc. to create an intriguing picture of a hidden social structure.
This project is essentially the analysis of pieces of paper (receipts) that represent a largely unnecessary accumulation of personal information, with the aim of clarifying the kinds of capitalism and authority with which we are all unconsciously involved.



Interactive Installation, Custom Software Written in Objective-C

Project Direction / Installation: Yasushi Noguchi
Software Development: Yasushi Noguchi, Jun Masuda
The Support of Installation Design: Kazz Sasaguchi
Photography: Yuichiro Tanaka
Project Team
Iku Hasegawa, Saki Inaba, Nao Ishihara, Ayaka Ishii, Tatsuki Kengaku, Sara Kikuchi, Ai Kito, Kento Kobayashi, Miyuki Kumagai, Kohei Mikami, Yuta Nakamura, Yutaro Osawa, Sho Shindo, Kazuyoshi Sasagawa, Hiroki Uwatoko
Documentation Video: Soichiro Nakahara