Diverse and Universal Camera

Collaboration with Shimonaka Memorial Foundation and Setagaya Arts Foundation


This work features about 300 entries from ethnographic and biological short films in Encyclopedia Cinematographica (EC) containing keywords related to 40 behavior patterns such as “dancing”, “laughing”, and “turning”. In this video installation, people can search with those keywords and the search results are projected on the wall like a collage. For example, if the keyword “dancing” is selected, multiple scenes in which people and animals are “dancing” are played simultaneously in footage from different ages and regions.
Since the combination of scenes changes each time, it is possible to observe the connections and differences between various images from different times and places.
This project reinterprets and visualizes the characteristics of EC as an encyclopedia. I aimed to create a medium that makes unexpected encounters possible in ways that are infeasible with conventional paper encyclopedias, and also to expand the knowledge through modern Internet searches that emphasize relevance.
Today, disturbing events are widespread all over the world, such as Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, home country priority, and immigration issues, but I think it is necessary to re-evaluate the social significance of the behavioral patterns of living things documented by EC, which are not only “diverse” but also “universal.”



2 channel Interactive video installation , 2019

Software: Custom Software Written in openFrameworks

Project Direction / Installation / Software Development: Yasushi Noguchi
Film Database of the Installation
EC Warashibe Research Team (Nabo Shimonaka, Tomoko Niwa, Kisara Nakaue, Yumi Takeda, Noriko Amano, Yuki Nakamura, Aiko Matsuda, Shieru Doi, Chihiro Nakata, Kazue Honma, Michiko Yoshioka, Misato Oka, Takuzo Seki, Takayuki Inoue), Yuzo Ishikawa
EC Film provided by EC Utilization Project of The Shimonaka Memorial Foundation, Setagaya Arts Foundation Lifestyle Design Center (Exhibition Management), Polepole-Higashinakano Co.
Documentation Video: Hideto Miyuki
Photography: Yuichiro Tanaka