Confessions in Seven Days


I had the opportunity to participate in a special exhibition on the theme of “the inheritance of social memory” in Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture. At this time, I learned various stories about people’s experiences with the tsunami.
By reading these stories, I realized that the boundary between life and death when people were caught in the tsunami really depended on the slight difference between “luck” and “judgment”.
I started to wonder about the thoughts of both the people who were saved and those who were not. These thoughts might have been about a beloved family, a regret that they should have escaped earlier, a resignation that this may be fate, or a wish for someone to find their bodies. Having not experienced the tsunami myself, I can’t talk about it as a real experience, but on the other hand, I can imagine it. This idea is what inspired me to create a tsunami experience story based on fiction.
Originally, it was part of a two-screen video installation called “Confession”. I later re-edited the scene of the tsunami experience story (right screen) and made it into an independent video piece.



Single Channel Video, HD, 35min

Project Director / Writer / Editor: Yasushi Noguchi
Cast: Koichi Sakaguchi, Nina Kumagaya
Director of Photography / Editor: Masumi Saito
Gaffer: Hidehiko Kato
Sound: Kazuki Suzuki