This work is a combination of two short films: an interview with Masaaki Kimura, a victim of the disaster in Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture, and fictitious stories about the tsunami experience. It was exhibited in February 2020 at the Tsunami Memorial Hall in Unosumaicho. The facility was built on the site of a disaster control center where more than 200 people lost their lives. There is a memorial monument right next to it.
Mr. Kimura is a former employee of Nippon Steel, and his life is with the history of Kamaishi. Most of the students at Unosumai Elementary School and Kamaishi Higashi Junior High School were evacuated to safety, but Kimura's wife, Takako, remained alone in the elementary school and went missing.
When reading various tsunami experience stories, I realized that the boundary between life and death for those who were involved really depended on a slight difference between “luck” and “judgment.” I tried to imagine their thoughts—for example, did they think about their beloved families, have regrets that they should have escaped earlier, give up and surrender to fate, or hope that their bodies would eventually be found? I also wondered what I myself would have felt at that moment. With these ideas in mind, I conceived a fictious story of the tsunami experience.



Interview Video (Left Screen)
Interviewee: Masaaki Kimura
Director of Photography / Editor: Yasushi Noguchi

Tsunami Story (Right Screen)
Cast: Koichi Sakaguchi, Nina Kumagaya
Director of Photography / Editor: Masumi Saito
Gaffer: Hidehiko Kato
Sound: Kazuki Suzuki
Project Director / Writer / Editor: Yasushi Noguchi

Documentation Video: Hideto Miyuki
Exhibition Coordinators: Osamu Umezaki, Momoko Iwai