Collected Remembrance -Fieldart in Shinjuku-


Shinjuku is a unique area close to skyscraper office districts, shopping districts, and entertainment districts such as Kabukicho. It is fascinating that historically, this area formed the nucleus of the black market in the years directly following World War II, and it has been remarkably and constantly changing ever since then.
This project archives Shinjuku’s multi-layered history and diverse images by superimposing historical photos and past aerial photographs on the spatiotemporal map software called c-loc that I developed.
By manipulating the digital map, participants can look at old landscape photos of the area that was once called Tsunohazu, and watch the experiences of the past residents.
This project was released as a public artwork in the historical public space of Okubo Park.



Custom Software written in Objective-C

Project Direction / Installation / Director of Photography / Editor: Yasushi Noguchi
Programming: Jun Masuda, Yasushi Noguchi
This work is supported by the Japan Science and Technology Agency