Collected Remembrance -Fieldart in Kodaira-


Kodaira, Tokyo is a curious area. About 30 minutes from the center of Tokyo, it is a moderately modernized city with an idyllic atmosphere. However, many inhabitants are unaware that there were several military facilities in this area. In a sense, it is a land where history is divided. In this project, I interviewed local residents and then spatiotemporally mapped the interviews to collect vanished voices and facts buried in history over time. This enables participants to experience both the memories and emotions of various people in the region that have changed with the times.
This project was created for the “at/@ Mapping Project in Kodaira, Kazz Sasaguchi + Yasushi Noguchi”, and was released in the form of an outdoor public art display on the final day of the exhibition.

本プロジェクトは、「at/@ 笹口数+野口靖 小平でのマッピングプロジェクト」のために作成され、展覧会最終日に屋外のパブリックアートの形で公開された。


Interactive Installation, Custom Software written in Objective-C

Project Direction / Software Development / Installation: Yasushi Noguchi
Photography: Koji Nakamura
Director of Photography: Hiroaki Nagashima
Editor: Yasushi Noguchi
Special Thanks: Kazz Sasaguchi
Venue: Shiraya Art Space
Sponsored by: Arts Initiative Tokyo
Commissioned by: Japan Science and TEchnology Agency