c-loc Software


c-loc (read as clock) software is software for visualizing spatiotemporal data that can be displayed as a three-dimensional map in 3D space with time as the vertical axis and space as the horizontal axis. It is a program of the concept of time geography, and it is possible to display research results in fields such as history, cultural anthropology, and geography in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition, texts, sounds, images, and videos can be registered as objects, and categories and subcategories can be set for each object. Furthermore, these objects can be connected by a line, which is especially effective for visualizing the movement trajectory.
This software is expected to be used as an information kiosk in museums.



Custom Software written in Objective-C

Project Direction / Installation / Director of Photography / Editor: Yasushi Noguchi
Programming: Jun Masuda, Yasushi Noguchi
This work is supported by the Japan Science and Technology Agency